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Community Bloggers
Sean, JoeyGirl, Asia, Brittany, Toni, Olivia

Meet our Community Bloggers! We just finished dinner with our community bloggers at Cass Café in Midtown.  What a great group of young individuals who get Detroit.  Each shared a unique perspective on their past and present experiences in Detroit. There was big debate on which Coney Island café was superior, and what pizza spot…but there was no debate about whether Detroit was a great city.  Our bloggers are all committed to doing their part to make Detroit a place where people want to live and play.

Olivia Blogger
Lady of the D

Olivia: A bright young lady with a lot of positive energy and a passion for the D. Olivia was born and raised in Detroit, attended Wayne State University and now works right here in Midtown.  That’s why we call her the Lady of the D.

Challenge Detroit

Asia: Another native of Detroit, full of ambition and a self-proclaimed love for food! She attended Michigan State, and was brought back to Detroit to participate in Challenge Detroit.  Stay tuned to hear more from Asia and her new found favorite dining spots in the D.

Sean Doerr
Sean Photo via

Sean: Sean has a wealth of knowledge about the city, where it has been and where it’s going.  Growing up in Wayne, then graduated from the College of Creative studies, Sean’s passion for photography has allowed him to photograph some of the great historic buildings in the area.  In photographing our building, he found some unique architectural elements, but we’ll let him tell you about that!

Challenge Detroit

Brittany: A young professional full of potential and kindness.  After growing up in Detroit, Brittany left the city to learn and experience some of the other great U.S. cities, but is returning to Detroit to assist with economic development and poverty at Focus:Hope as a participant in Challenge Detroit.  With an MBA under her belt, look out Detroit!

We are so proud to be working with all of our bloggers; we hope you all gain as much respect for the city as we have from these future leaders of Detroit.


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