U-Haul and the Detroit Future City Plan – Horizon 1

Detroit Future City plan
Photo courtesy of the Detroit Works Project’s “Detroit Future City” plan.

Recently, the Detroit Works Project unveiled a 50-year comprehensive plan titled “Detroit Future City.” This plan is the result of more than two years of work, hundreds of meetings and tons of community feedback. The 347-page plan is exhaustive, inspiring and going to require a lot of help from the city government as well as local businesses and residents.

The extensive Detroit Future City plan details how the city will improve over four “horizons.”

  • Horizon 1: Next Five Years. Stabilize.
  • Horizon 2: 5-10 Years. Improve.
  • Horizon 3: 10-20 Years. Sustain.
  • Horizon 4: 20-50 Years. Transform.
Exterior Sign Rendering - U-Haul NBC-Nabisco Building Detroit

This post will focus on the first of the four horizons. One of the main goals of the Detroit Future City plan over the next five years is to increase the number of “reliable and quality services to meet [the community’s] basic needs.”

With the purchase and revitalization of the old Nabisco building in the New Center area of Detroit, U-Haul is breathing life into a historic building by providing valuable moving and self-storage services to the local community.

The process of renovating and re-purposing the 93-year-old building has created work for many local businesses and residents. And, once open for business, this facility will create more long-term jobs for the local community.

U-Haul is eager to support the future of Detroit through our efforts in all four of the horizons outlined in the Detroit Future City plan. Check back for more information on how U-Haul is going to help with the next 50 years of Detroit’s future and beyond.

For more information on the progress of our renovation, check out our weekly building updates.

What are your thoughts on the Detroit Future City plan? What kinds of positive changes would you like to see happen through this plan? What kinds of products and services would you like U-Haul to offer the city of Detroit? Let us know in the comment section below.

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