Moving Detroit: Spit and Polish, Steam and Storage 04-29-13

There’s plenty of spit and polish going on at U-Haul Moving and Storage of New Center Detroit. The dictionary defines “spit and polish” as taking great care in maintaining cleanliness, orderliness and smartness of appearance. If you’ve ever served in the military, you know that it also means getting ready for a big inspection or public event. And that’s what we’re doing as we move closer to opening and being front and center to serve customers.

Waxed Floor 3rd Floor Storage Aisle

As Jennifer posted last week, all of the walls and storage units on the third floor have been wiped down and cleaned, and the floors are so clean you can almost eat off them. We’ve applied wax to one aisle, including the rooms and the result is spectacular. The wood looks as new as it did when it was installed in 1921.

Waxed Fllor in 3rd Floor Storage Room

The June 19, 1912 issue of The American Architect, described the floors used in Nabisco’s facilities as, “of the best quality maple; one and one-half inches in thickness, laid on beveled strips bedded flush and smooth in good concrete.” It’s easy to understand why Nabisco and the employees who worked here in Detroit took such pride in the building — pride that we share and hope our moving and storage customers will too.

Steam and storage

Last Row of 4th Floor Storage Rooms

Up on the fourth floor, the steam heaters have been reinstalled and tested. During the test, the motor on one of the units failed, so we are using a motor from a sixth-floor heater until a replacement motor comes in this week.

Construction of the fourth-floor storage units is almost complete. The crew is working on the last row, half of which is already up. All that is left are the stackable storage lockers. The storage-unit doors were delivered last Thursday and the crew will begin installing them this week.

More spit and polish

Interior Handicap Load/Unload Ramp wth Railings

The railings on the loading/unloading ramps have been painted. The interior railings have been painted a spiffy forest green.

This blog was created to let the community know that U-Haul is in Detroit, and to share our plans with you and to get input from the community. We want to hear from you. Tell us what you like and don’t like about our posts, building plans or anything else you want to share about Detroit. We are excited to be part of the Detroit community and want to learn from you!

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