Keith Urban’s Idea of Luxury

He knows the “Right Equipment” when he sees it

Perhaps Keith Urban just doesn’t need all of the frills that other celebrities do, or maybe he simply knows what millions of people across North America realize every day: When it comes to trailers, a U-Haul trailer is the best.

In the first installment of the “Idol Chatter” video series, Urban, one of the “American Idol” judges, offered a tongue-in-cheek look at the trailer he relaxes in. He compares his quarters to the more luxurious trailers of co-stars Jennifer Lopez, Ryan Seacrest and Harry Connick Jr. That’s when we get the big reveal—Urban’s trailer is really a U-Haul 5’ x 8’ trailer!

If anything, it’s a nice example of just how much space the trailer has and that the options are endless for what you can fit in it. Watch the video below to see how he’s made the AV more “homey,” complete with a sound system! It looks like the Aussie is taking a page out of Crocodile Dundee’s book and is not concerned with air conditioning, wall-to-wall carpet or ventilation. Urban just doesn’t appear worried about all that, what with all the crocodiles, sharks and cassowaries he’s probably used to dealing with back in Australia.


Disclaimer: Don’t forget to check your U-Haul trailer for stray celebrities before you begin your moving adventure. U-Haul trailers were not designed to haul live cargo, especially not live cargo with massive egos and agents.

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