Boxman Christmas Fun

The Holidays are fun for everyone and that includes U-Haul team members. All year long they work hard to make sure everyone’s moving needs are met and when Christmas time comes around, it is time to have some fun!

For those of you who have never met Boxman, he is around to save the day with moving and storage tips and tricks. You can play with him (or use him as storage.) Just think of him as U-Haul’s version of Superman! He may not be able to fly at the speed of light or lift cars off of the elderly, but he can make help make your move go by with a breeze with warm eyes and a bright smile!

So what does Boxman do during the holidays? He is a busy busy box! He is racing from one U-Haul location to the next spreading Christmas cheer to all who encounter him. Team members love to help him dress up and be festive during the holiday season and boy, do they do a good job!

Check out some of the U-Haul team’s best Boxman Holiday outfits:


Have you seen Boxman anywhere? Tell us about it in the comments!

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