U-Haul Center Christmas Cheer

Things can get pretty hectic around a U-Haul center. Between helping customers find the right truck or trailer, helping them get the right moving supplies and reminding everyone get a dolly (it’s a lifesaver), you would think team members wouldn’t have time for Christmas cheer or anything else. Well I am pleased to tell you that that is just not true. When the holiday season comes around, U-Haul team members are among the first to make sure their center is ready for the holidays.

Some team members choose to put up a Christmas tree, others prefer snowmen on the windows, but whatever the choice, it sure is festive. Sometimes there are even visits from the big man himself (most people know him as Santa Claus.)

While U-Haul’s number one priority is to always make moving easier for the DIY mover, it is important that our team members enjoy what they do and where they work. A little fun never hurt anybody! Here are some of our favorite team member holiday decorations from this year so far:

Happy Holidays to you and your family! Have a great new year!

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