U-Haul Team Member Season’s Greetings

Dec 23, 2014

The holidays are a special time of year for U-Haul Company. Not only is U-Haul involved in numerous volunteer projects and works closely with UPS and Fed-Ex to make sure your Christmas presents get delivered on time, but U-Haul is a family-oriented business.

And this is a time when families come together.

With the holiday season upon us, we asked a few of our U-Haul Team Members about their favorite traditions and wishes during this special week.

Here is what season’s greetings they had to say:

Catalina Navarro, Executive Assistant, Phoenix. Navarro has been with the company a little more than 15 years and started at U-Haul as a teenager.

On the topic of holiday traditions and wishes …

“Growing up, traditions always included making tamales with my mom, aunt and cousins. Since I’ve had my kids we’ve started our own (tradition), which is making gingerbread houses and ornaments for the following year.”

“My Christmas wish would be for everyone to enjoy the day, whether it’s just relaxing at home alone or with family and friends. Just stop and enjoy the day and live in the moment.”

Karen Liwan, General Manager, Ontario, Canada. Liwan has been with U-Haul for more than nine years.

On the topic of holiday traditions …

“I’m always looking forward to our holiday food traditions – making traditional meals from our culture and food I ate growing up. Even though I’m mostly out of tune, I love getting a handful of friends and family together to go caroling from house to house. Our holiday gift tradition is having my kids open one gift on Christmas Eve. Then, on the morning of Christmas, we gather all the family and open our presents at the same time. This is a very powerful tradition in our family, as it brings us closer together. This is sort of a reminder to stop the busy cycle of life long enough to reconnect and build bonds.”

Michelle Ducharme, Area Field Manager, Ontario, Canada. Ducharme is going on seven years with U-Haul.

On the topic of holiday traditions and wishes …

“I can’t wait to see my family and eat a lot and drink with them. Our family tradition is to get together and eat turkey, cabbage rolls and pirogues … yummy! I also wrap my kids’ gifts while listening to Elvis Presley. That started with my parents and I kept the tradition going.

“The only thing I wish for is that my friends and family are safe and healthy. I want them to have a prosperous year.”

On the topic of best part about the holidays …

“I’d have to say that the best part is seeing family and friends, along with the smiles on my kids’ faces when they realize Santa came. On Christmas Eve, we like to give to those less fortunate at a local food bank by helping to feed them.”

“Lastly, I want to wish all my fellow U-Haul Team Members a happy and safe holiday!”

Lance Lalonde, General Manager, Richmond, Va. Lelonde has been with U-Haul for 28 years.

On the topic of holiday traditions and wishes …

“At least once a year, the entire family is in one place at the same time – a miracle in itself! I also enjoy putting up Christmas lights.

“My wish is that the focus of Christmas stays on the birth of Jesus Christ and that He came to seek and to save.”

Penni Narlock, Executive Assistant, Madison, Wis. Narlock has been with the company for 16 years.

On the topic of holiday traditions …

“My family doesn’t really have any traditions, per se. I travel home to Wausau, Wisconsin (where I started my career with U-Haul) and gather with my kids, grandson, mother and brother and his family. We love to eat and be merry and exchange gifts.

“We do have a U-Haul family tradition during our December end of month meetings though. For lunch we have a potluck, bring a dish to pass and our Marketing Company President grills a turkey every year. Our lunch runs a little longer than normal but we all have a great feast and everyone is invited. Our President gives thanks to everyone and we all walk away very full and happy. It’s nice just to kick back and relax a little and share good food.”

On the topic of best part about the holidays…

“I have two favorite parts: My grandson is turning 2 in January, so this year will be the first year that I believe he will really get into opening his presents. I can’t wait to see his expressions and excitement!

“Also, I get very nostalgic this time of year: reflect on how my family has grown; obstacles they have overcome; the loved ones no longer with us; and just the overall feeling of being with family. It may sound weird that this would be a favorite part but it’s a soothing feeling for me. Everyone survived another year and we are all together.”

As you can see from just a handful of our Team Members, U-Haul has some pretty special people. From our U-Haul family to yours, have a safe and happy holiday!

What is your favorite holiday tradition?

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