U-Haul Sustainability

Corporate sustainability has gained increasing recognition over the last decade, as businesses address sustainability issues in order to resolve environmental and social problems. In addition, according to annual reports published by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), companies around the world are spending millions of dollars in the pursuit of corporate sustainability.

At U-Haul, we are committed to sustainability through environmental protection, social responsibility and economic efficiency. As a long-time leader in our industry, U-Haul has demonstrated leadership in sustainability by continuously offering environmentally friendly products and services to our communities. We embrace our responsibility to act as a good corporate citizen by continually improving the sustainable performance of those products, services and activities.

U-Haul is in the shared-use business and we define rentals as “division of use and specialization of ownership.” Our sustainability practice is to increase the shared use of our resources and promote sustainable communities by helping more families move with U-Haul products and services. Our commitment to corporate social responsibility is consistent with long-established U-Haul Core Value Beliefs:

We work at never forgetting that our quality self-move, self-storage and closely related services and products are to improve human lives.

U-Haul is committed to integrating responsible environmental practices into our daily operations in a manner that delivers leading environmental, health and safety performance. You can learn more about U-Haul Company’s commitment to sustainability at uhaul.com/sustainability.


U-Haul Sustainability

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