Aurora Football Team is U-Haul Famous!

U-Haul trucks serve many purposes. They help people move from one home to another or from one state to another. Maybe they are used to transport toys to young children or food to the needy. The possibilities are endless! But not all moving memories actually involve moving. Have you considered using a U-Haul moving truck as a photo shoot backdrop? Well the Aurora Greenmen from Ohio got creative and made an epic football calendar using U-Haul trucks.

Aurora Greenmen Football


It was the year of a change. The Aurora Greenmen varsity football team was moving up a division after conquering theirs. They had been in their division for 10 years and had been doing very well. But the Greenmen knew that you aren’t the best unless you strive to compete among the best. So on they went!

The team always liked to have fun and make a statement with their annual calendars. The 2013 schedule was themed “Protect the Tradition” and they used a police vehicle, firetruck and ambulance. “Band of Brothers” was the 2012 theme and it consisted of Army vehicles. So what was 2014’s theme? “Moving On” and who knows better about moving on then U-Haul?!

So the boys got together and rented two U-Haul trucks, along with multiple utility dollies, and created a stage for themselves. They even went on to become U-Haul Famous because of it. We have to say, doesn’t look half bad does it?

Have you ever used U-Haul trucks for something other than moving? Let us know in the comments below! 

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