Keep U-Haul in Rockville

RockvilleThe U-Haul Moving & Storage at Randolph Road of Rockville , Maryland has been serving the community since 1983 but now faces a struggle. The Montgomery County Transportation Department proposed a roadway plan in Rockville that would be detrimental to the community. The project would destroy 7 homes, 33 acres of woodlands, and 30 other businesses and properties, including the U-Haul at Randolph Rd.

U-Haul and community members have united in taking a stance against the Montrose Parkway East project by encouraging people to sign a petition to keep U-Haul in Rockville! Over 500 supporters have signed the petition with the end goal being 1,000 signatures.


By stopping the roadway project, it would not only save businesses and homes but also help protect the surrounding environment. Saving 33 acres of trees in the Rock Creek Regional Park will make it possible to continue removing 39.6 tons of air pollution every year from Rockville’s atmosphere and keep temperatures lower in the surrounding neighborhoods. Numerous species of diverse plants and animals reside in the Rock Creek Regional Park; constructing a roadway would leave them without a home. The demolition necessary to construct Montrose Parkway East would also cause 2,230 tons of debris to be added to the landfill nearby.

Besides causing these harmful impacts to the environment and businesses in the area, the project will also force loyal U-Haul customers to find an alternative service. Rockville and U-Haul need everyone’s help; sign the petition today and spread the word!

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Are you a Rockville community member? How does the Montrose Parkway East project affect you? Let us know in the comments below!

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