Five Ways U-Haul Stays Green in the New Year

adaptive reuse buildingU-Haul is ringing in the New Year and resolves to keep U-Haul ‘in the green’! Reducing waste and preserving natural resources are initiatives practiced at U-Haul since the Company was founded in 1945. Below are the five ways U-Haul plans to stay green in the new year!

1. Adaptive Reuse

Going into 2015, U-Haul will continue to build on its long and proud history of developing its presence with the reuse of vacant/abandoned buildings in communities across North America. By reusing existing buildings, U-Haul is able to quickly provide products and services to our customers while reducing the amount of energy and resources normally required for new-construction builds.

2. Xeriscaping

Exterior lights use LED
U-Haul using LED Exterior lights

U-Haul stores in high-drought locales are changing from high to low water landscaping in order to reduce consumption and keep more water available in their communities. Xeriscaping utilizes native, water-efficient landscape designs to save water while reducing maintenance time, costs and reducing waste.

3. LED lighting

Retrofitting to LED lighting will continue to be a big priority for U-Haul stores across North America. LED bulbs use less electricity, which leads to a reduced amount of greenhouse gas emissions. LED bulbs also have a much longer life than regular bulbs and produce very little heat.

4. Reduce, reuse, recycle!

take a box leave a boxThe “U-Haul Building Green Initiative” begins with identifying and implementing design strategies that are kind to the environment and the communities we serve. Among other efforts, U Haul implements best-practices to reduce water energy consumption, reuse boxes, retired U-Haul equipment and vacant buildings and recycle building and operational materials.

5. Back to Basics

One of the best ways to reduce energy use at U-Haul headquarters and neighborhood stores throughout North America is turn off lights at the end of the day. This is an easy way to help our environment and reduce costs at the same time! Turning off computers and other electronics when they aren’t being used is another simple energy-saving task that anyone can do!

How will you go green in the New Year? Let us know in the comments section below!

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