Sharing U-Haul Trucks and Trailers

Many people have heard the quote, “All I really need to know I learned in kindergarten.” It comes from the book of the same name by Robert Fulghum. What’s the first lesson on the list? Share Everything. U-Haul knows all about sharing. In fact, U-Haul is in the sharing business.

Truck and trailer sharing refers to rental services intended to substitute for private truck ownership. At U-Haul, truck sharing is one of our core sustainable business practices that allow individuals to access a fleet of moving equipment that is larger than what they could access on an individual basis.

Truck Sharing

Because drivers tend to plan their trips carefully and drive less when they pay for mileage and rental hours, sharing makes occasional use of a moving truck affordable, while providing an incentive to minimize driving and rely on alternative travel options (e.g. public transportation) as much as possible.

Research shows that over time, each U-Haul truck placed in a local community helps keep 19 personally owned, large capacity vehicles (LCVs); pickups, SUVs, and vans off the road. Fewer vehicles on the road means less traffic congestion, less pollution, less fuel burned and cleaner air to breathe.

Think about it, why own a large-capacity vehicle with a high monthly payment, insurance payment and gas and repair costs for the very few times that you might actually need to haul something in it?

Trailer Sharing

U-Haul cargo trailers are also great options if you own a smaller car or if your moving truck is filled to capacity. Trailers reduce the environmental impact of moving because they do not emit CO2 or other greenhouse gasses. Built with recyclable materials, many U-Haul trailers are still on the road 30-40 years after they were built. U-Haul trailers’ aerodynamic design helps optimize the fuel efficiency of the towing vehicle.

By sharing U-Haul trucks and trailers customers can save money, space and time by owning smaller vehicles with smaller payments and fewer trips to the gas pump. Shared use of rental equipment allows everyone do their part to reduce their self-move impact on the planet. You can learn more about truck sharing and other sustainability initiatives at U-Haul by visiting

What experience do you have with sharing?

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