Energy-Efficiency is everybody’s business

Energy-efficiency is definitely U-Haul’s business as it should be everybody’s business! How we all use and consume energy now will affect generations to come. Any home or business owner who pays a utility bill will tell you that using energy wisely makes sense, both for the environment and the bottom line, which is why increasing energy-efficiency is a critical part of operating sustainably here at U-Haul.

U-Haul is the industry leader in do-it-yourself moving and storage, providing safe, reliable and efficient services and products to millions of movers every year. One way U-Haul is able to offer these products and services at affordable rates is by cutting overhead costs through energy conservation.

What U-Haul’s doing to be efficient

With that said, U-Haul has invested a great deal of capital toward energy-efficiency in our Centers nationwide. When it comes to energy-efficiency, we look for ways that effectively and directly reduce energy usage. Arguably one of the best ways to cut the cost of energy used is by installing new upgraded energy-efficient lights. However, there are many other ways to cut energy cost that U-Haul does, such as installing advanced thermostats, motion sensors, daylight sensors, upgrades to heating and cooling (HVAC) technologies, weatherization, improvements to propane dispensers and installation of energy-efficient windows and doors.

Energy-efficient interior fluorescent lighting

By becoming more energy-efficient as a company, U-Haul not only cuts energy costs but also helps the environment, preserves energy resources for future generations and provides a safe and comfortable atmosphere for customers. Just in 2014, U-Haul initiated over 500 energy-efficiency projects, which collectively achieved an estimated annual savings of more than 12 million kilowatt hours (kWh) in energy consumption. Since 2008, energy- efficiency projects have captured an annual reduction of over 60 million kWh consumed. This savings is enough to power nearly 4,000 homes for one year (!

Exterior LED Lighting

U-Haul also aims to benefit cities and municipalities that harbor U-Haul Centers. In many ways U-Haul’s energy-efficiency practices support their goals in reducing carbon emissions and improving the quality of the environment. As we move forward, our aspirations are to achieve prolonged success in reducing energy consumption as efforts continue in upgrading U-Haul Centers with additional energy-efficient technologies.

Is there’s something you or your city wants to see U-Haul do to become more energy-efficient? Let us know in the comments below!

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