Tim Quid is #UhaulFamous

Tim Quid #uhaulfamous photoWhat is #UhaulFamous?

You’ve probably seen the photos on U-Haul trucks, documenting people’s moving adventures during the last 70 years or so. They’re part of the #UhaulFamous campaign, which asks people to send in any photos showing their U-Haul moving experiences.

The photos allow people to be part of the U-Haul moving adventures of future generations. Also, anyone whose photo is printed on a truck can track where the truck is and receive email updates of places it has been on the uhaulfamous.com website.

#uhaulfamous Tim Quid applying a truck decalMeet Tim Quid

Tim Quid, a van body specialist at Kar-Go Repair of Las Vegas, that means that he is one of the hard working people that applies the decals with your photos to the side of U-Haul trucks.

Tim submitted a photo he took of the sunset over U-Haul of North Las Vegas, where he previously worked as a moonlighter. Quid has a unique perspective on this program. Not only does he have a photo included on several U-Haul trucks, but he’s also installed the very same decal that includes his photo!

“I’ve installed this wrap kit on two trucks,” Quid noted. “When I saw that my photo was on the back door of the truck, I thought, ‘It’s really cool to see it there; one of my pictures on a U-Haul truck.’ Now, the photo is on 55 trucks in 51 cities. That’s really cool! I can’t wait to see more of my pictures on our trucks.”

Since submitting that original photo, Tim has submitted many more pictures and been featured on U-Haul trucks across the country many more times.

How To Become #UhaulFamous

How does the process work? Check it out in the video below. The next time you get a notification that one of your photos has been selected to go onto a U-Haul truck, just remember Tim Quid’s friendly face and know that he and the other talented team members at Kar-Go Repair of Las Vegas might be the ones helping to make you U-Haul Famous!

Do you have any photos you want to submit in hopes of seeing them on the sides of some U-Haul trucks? You can submit your photos and track where they travel across the country on uhaulfamous.com!

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