First International U-Box Container Shipment

When the U-Box Program launched in June 2008, the Company’s first portable storage solution was tested in eight markets. Since then, the growth has been rapid. Just three years after offering U-Box containers, the first international shipment was in the books.

Originating from U-Haul Moving and Storage of El Cajon in San Diego, the first international U-Box container was shipped on May 25, 2011. It’s destination: London, England.

What are U-Box containers?

U-Box containers are a portable storage option for many U-Haul customers. If you are moving and don’t want to drive a U-Haul truck or tow a trailer, you can ship your belongings in a U-Box container. When you arrive at your destination, you have the option of keeping your belongings in the container at one of our secure self-storage locations.

U-Box containers are perfect for college students during summer break as well as homeowners who are doing a little remodeling and need a temporary storage container to temporarily relocate their household goods.

Each U-Box container is 8′ X 5′ X 7’6″ (Length, Width, Height) offering approximately 257 cu. ft. of room. The container stores approximately 1 to 1-1/2 rooms of furniture and boxes, holding up to 2,000 lbs.

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If you could move anywhere in the world and ship your belongings to you in a U-Box container, where would you go?

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