Lego U-Haul Truck

JJ14-20 Lego TruckIs this the prototype for a new U-Haul truck? Handmade, sleek and inexpensive, could this be the next big thing for U-Haul? Like all other trucks in the U-Haul fleet, it’s sturdy and built to last, includes cargo space in the rear and has fully functional doors, a loading ramp and a steering wheel. The main drawback is that it’s very small and made of plastic Lego pieces.

German designer Steffen Kasteleiner created this miniature model. He has been working with miniature Lego recreations since he was a young boy and has built models of classic trucks, automobiles, aircraft and even cities. It’s obvious he spends a lot of time and effort putting together a quality truck, just like U-Haul does. And this one falls in line perfectly with U-Haul Company’s Sustainability Initiatives, because it has no engine and therefore doesn’t need fuel. How’s that for reducing emissions?!

You can see more photos of Steffen’s Lego U-Haul creation here.

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