It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood for U-Haul Dealers

Since U-Haul began in 1945, convenient neighborhood Dealers have played an integral part in serving communities and helping businesses grow. U-Haul Company’s truck and trailer sharing practices were originally established by honest and hardworking ‘mom and pop’ stores all across the country, who adopted U-Haul trailers to expand their business. Today, we call these small local business partners Dealers. U-Haul Dealers are not franchise businesses. They are simply small-business owners who own and run their business as usual, but add a U-Haul dimension to their main business model.   Dealers are a cornerstone in ensuring U-Haul trucks and moving supplies are affordable, accessible and convenient for customers in need.  Dealers often hold a small pod of three to five U-Haul trucks, cargo vans or small box trucks on their lot. Some Dealers may also retail sustainable moving materials such as recyclable boxes, moving pads made from recycled denim and biodegradable packing peanuts. For Dealers, adding a U-Haul dimension to their business increases their economic resiliency while meeting the moving needs of their community.

U-Haul Dealers U-Haul Dealer

U-Haul Dealers Enhance Local Businesses

  • Dealers attract local customers who might not otherwise visit their store.
  • Dealers bring new business from surrounding towns or cities to their hometown.
  • Dealers sustain jobs for local residents to support themselves and their families.
  • Dealers offer practical and responsible products that meet customer needs.
  • Dealer truck and van rentals often fulfill the needs of neighboring small-businesses by providing affordable options for in-town deliveries, shipments and supply hauling.
  • Dealer partnerships are thoughtfully selected in neighborhoods to ensure a convenient travel distance of less than 3 miles for truck and trailer sharing customers. This practice lessens travel time for customers, reduces fuel consumption and minimizes fuel costs. Every mile of reduced driving saves 12 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions
  • Dealers represent a responsible business model which is thoughtful towards the communities and environments in which they do business.
Sustainable Dealer Travel Chart

U-Haul Dealers Enhance Cities and Towns

  • Dealers help ensure a viable and expanding local economy.
  • Dealers create jobs to improve the quality of life of residents.
  • Dealers contribute to local tax bases which finance local public services and infrastructure needs.
  • Dealers provide truck-sharing services which support lower emissions and reduced traffic congestion.
  • Dealers provide convenient products which are accessible through multi-modal and public transportation options.
  • Dealers supply trucks designed with fuel economy gauges, low profiles, rounded corners, and advanced chassis skirts in order to optimize fuel efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and protect overall air quality.

Since U-Haul Dealers are local residents, they are aware of the goals and challenges in the community in which they live and work. Dealers are personally vested in their business and their city and they strive to provide quality products and service to ensure their own success as well as build strong relationships with other businesses. U-Haul is proud to partner with Dealers in order to increase convenience to our customers, support small businesses and improve the resiliency of the cities and towns where we live, work and serve.

Are you interested in adding a U-Haul dimension to your business? Please visit for more information.

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