Moving with Pets is Pretty “Pawesome”

We all want to be the most “pawsome” parents we can be to our loving pets.

As much as we consider our pets family members, a few things need to be considered when moving with them. Luckily, February is Responsible Pet Owners Month and U-Haul is here to discuss some tips and showcase our cool customers who shared these moving-day photos of their amazing animals.

moving with pets

Prepare for the ride

Moving can be a very hectic time, so it’s important that during the move you keep your pet comfortable with their favorite items. Have them sit with their favorite chew toy, doggie bed and snacks. Since you are moving, make sure your pet has updated tags with a phone number. With the change of address, if the unthinkable were to happen, having your cell number on the tag will help ensure your pet gets back to you. For long trips, speak with your vet about pet sedations that will keep them calm during the drive.
moving with pets

Road trip!

While you’re driving your moving truck, try to keep your pet as comfortable as possible. Take breaks for them to stretch their legs – after all, dogs and cats have two more than us! Make sure to check for pet-friendly hotels and rest areas along the way. Both dogs and cats can travel in carriers but many dogs love car rides and are happy to sit on the seat next to you. It’s a good idea to strap them in, and most pet stores carry seatbelt adapters to fit your dog.

moving with petsAdjusting to the new space

For the first few days, you may not want to leave your pet alone for a long period of time. Just like you, they are getting used to the new noises, smells and positioning of things. Pets do well with a routine so think about how yours will work in your new space and try to start it from day one. This includes the joy of potty training. Make sure your pet knows where to go.


Check out these pet photos below from our U-Haul customers. Have you moved with a pet? Do you have a photo of you and your pet with a U-Haul product? If so, you can become U-Haul Famous.

Send us the photo and you and your pet could land on the side of a U-Haul truck. Upload your images through Instagram using #uhaulfamous, or go to to submit photos and learn more.



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