U-Haul Couples Who Got Hitched: Part One

PHOENIX – While some companies discourage family members from working together, here at U-Haul International, Inc., we embrace it!

In fact, U-Haul was founded by a husband-and-wife team in 1945: L.S. Shoen and Anna Mary Carty Shoen. It’s only fitting that U-Haul would uphold that tradition. Many couples and other family members work together to make U-Haul what it is today. Some of those couples even met through their affiliation with the Company.

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, see which couples got hitched and work at U-Haul headquarters in the first edition of our two-part series.

Nicole and David - U-Haul Couples Get HitchedLunch Partners: David and Nicole LoPresti

David and Nicole have a combined 21 years of U-Haul experience. David began his career as a Service Manager for Moving Help shortly before he and Nicole were married in July 2004. A few months later, Nicole left her job in retail to join her husband at U-Haul headquarters as a Policies Representative for Oxford Life Insurance. Now, David is the Director of Moving Help and Nicole is a Business Analyst for Field Operations.

“Working at the same company has really made our lives and relationship easier,” Nicole explained. “We get to spend more time with each other than most couples. I can swing by David’s office if something is on my mind and I always have a lunch partner. We know each other’s schedule and we can adjust accordingly, which makes things so much easier.”

“U-Haul has been so wonderful to me personally in my career and being able to share that experience, as well as the successes, with Nicole has been great for us both,” David added. “Just being able to eat lunch together allows us to spend additional time with each other that many couples simply can’t do. She understands the workload and it makes my life more productive because we can discuss issues and other projects; and I can get her feedback and advice. Some people may find it a bit much to spend so much time around their spouse, but it really makes me happy to be around Nicole.”

Say it with us, ladies: Awwwwwww.

Mike and Salea Kinealy - one of many U-Haul couplesA Family Affair: Mike and Salea Kinealy

Since Feb. 19, 1992, Mike and Salea have been a team, force and support system for each other in everything that they do. Mike is celebrating his 20-year anniversary at U-Haul this month and Salea is currently in her 17th year.

Mike has been a General Manager, Traffic Control Manager, Rate Analyst, Director of Sales and Reservations and now holds the title of Vice President of Sales and Customer Service. Salea’s U-Haul career includes roles as a Reservation Manager, Customer Service Rep, Senior Customer Service Rep, Senior Field Support, Administrative Coordinator and now Senior Scheduling Manager.

The Kinealys met while in college and have worked together in four different job roles – three within U-Haul. Today, with their four children employed at U-Haul headquarters, the Kinealys are truly keeping U-Haul in the family.

When asked about the best part of working with one another, Selea credits their common goals and shared dreams.

“While I don’t work directly for Mike anymore, our goal is still the same both personally and professionally: to do our absolute best,” she said. “If you believe in each other’s dreams, it makes it easy to reach for them and pull them close.”


Stay tuned for Part Two of our U-Haul Love Stories – coming soon!

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