A U-Haul Family Story: Albert Tayman

U-Haul began as a family-owned small business and has grown significantly since then. But what hasn’t changed? The emphasis on family. There are lots of families that work within U-Haul and it is what makes it special. This is just one example of how deep family ties are within the company:

U-Haul familyAlbert Tayman Jr. began working U-Haul in 1993 as a PM mechanic in Hyattsville, Maryland. Since his start with the company he’s held a variety of positions like mobile repair specialist, repair dispatch manager and shop foreman. In 2008 he took on the roll of Area Field Manager. But what made his 20th anniversary so special? Standing next to his son, Albert Tayman III who is now also a U-Haul team member and part of the U-Haul family. He now works as a mechanic at the same shop his father started his U-Haul journey at 20 years ago.

“From my start with the company I felt like I belonged. I look at U-Haul as not just a job, but my family,” Tayman Jr. said of his time at U-Haul. “One of my proudest moments with the company is the day my son started with U-Haul, I plan to be there when he celebrates his 20 years.”

U-Haul began as a small family business and while it has grown, family stays at the core of it with stories like the Tayman’s. They are who make up the U-Haul family.

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