U-Haul Will Put a Hitch on Anything

When U-Haul says they’ll put a hitch on just about anything, they’re not clowning around. If it has four wheels and a motor, odds are U-Haul can equip it for towing. As the world’s number-one hitch installer, U-Haul has the hitch—and accessories—to meet anyone’s towing needs. For proof, all someone has to do is take a look at a U-Haul Store on any given day.


 This Corvette’s owner needed a hitch to carry a luggage rack.A need for speed … and towing

Normally when a Corvette is hauling, it’s followed by another term for your posterior. But some people want their speed and towing capabilities too. General Manager Paul Blanton and his team at U-Haul Moving and Storage of Schererville, Ind., installed a hitch on this 2005 Corvette. The customer was taking a long trip and needed a hitch to carry a luggage rack.

“He couldn’t find anyone that would put a hitch on his ‘Vette,” Blanton noted, “until he came to us, of course. Everyone who walked by when it was in the hitch bay was floored when they saw that bad boy on the ramps. The pictures don’t truly capture the awesomeness of this car!”


This clown car proves that we will put a hitch on just about anything.No clowning around

There was no funny business involved with this install at U-Haul Moving and Storage at Eastview Mall in Victor, N.Y. A group of professional clowns needed a hitch on this colorful car so they could attach a giant stuffed animal.

“The clowns go to parties, parades and other special events,” explained GM Jason Sinclair. “They let kids walk around the car and look at all the gizmos they have on it. It even squirts water out the front of it. This proves that we will put a hitch on anything!”



The owner of this food truck needed a hitch to tow extra supplies. Meals on wheels

When you offer meals on wheels, sometimes you need a couple extra wheels to carry everything. Such was the case with this food truck in British Columbia. The owner needed a hitch and knew exactly where to turn—U-Haul Moving and Storage at Southeast Marine Dr. in Vancouver, British Columbia.

“This is the most interesting vehicle I’ve put a hitch on in a long time,” declared GM Sawez Khan.



The Calcasieu Parish (La.) Sheriff’s Office knew U-Haul was the place to go to get a brake controller installed on this SWAT vehicle.Brakin’ the law

“Brakin’ the law” takes on a whole new meaning when you see this. GM Guy Lohr and his team at U-Haul Moving and Storage at Highway 14 in Lake Charles, La., installed a brake controller on the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office’s SWAT vehicle.

“They were kind of surprised when we said we could do it,” Lohr observed. “They made us take a close look to be sure. The armored vehicle is built on a Ford F-550 chassis, so it was like any other Ford truck, aside from all of the armor around it!”

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