U-Haul Results Rise On Retooled Social Media Marketing Plan

Social Media Marketers for moving equipment and storage company U-Haul have reported that they are seeing increased results from its alliance with social media marketing company Sprinklr to retool U-Haul’s social media marketing plan. Sprinklr’s services were found to be an effective way for U-Haul to identify their customers’ conversations on social media so their comments could be addressed quickly.

For many brands, it is extremely important to be able to have an open dialogue existing customers and potential customers online. Now, customers can talk directly to a brand about their products and services, identifying both the good points that the brand does well and the areas of the business that could use more work.

U-Haul reported that during the company’s peak business months in the summer, more than 20,000 messages are sent by customers regarding a wide range of issues, including customer service in U-Haul stores, problems with equipment, and praise when a move is completed with no problems.

The sheer volume of mentions on social media made it difficult for the company to respond to or even identify relevant conversations about the brand. In January 2012, the marketing team at U-Haul partnered with Sprinklr to use the company’s social media marketing tools to quickly find important conversations about the brand on social media.

While using U-Haul’s services during their move, customers regularly use social media to voice concerns, frustrations, or reports of excellent service. The company’s retooled social media marketing plan has allowed its marketers to communicate with customers during every stage of customers’ moves. Responding to customers swiftly helps the company solve customer problems before they become larger issues and bolsters the brand’s reputation in the eyes of the public.

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