Matthew Rodrigues – A 3,500 MILE ADVENTURE!

Not everyone gets the opportunity to journey from Anchorage, Alaska to Los Angeles, California in a 20 foot U-Haul. Matthew Rodrigues did! He then shared this wonderful video with us. The sights, sounds and pure beauty of scenery makes us envious that we didn’t take this journey ourselves. Matthew took this trip because his friend needed help moving their stuff to LA. What better way to make some extra cash than take a road trip? Matthew started his adventure in Anchorage on a pretty snowy day. With his travels crossing the vast expanse of Alaska and Canada and with temps as low as -20 degrees Fahrenheit, he needed to be prepared so he traveled with food, water, a knife, and a sleeping bag among other things in case he got stuck.

While traveling along this route the wildlife and scenic views can be breathtaking as seen in the video. Please drive with caution and don’t be a distracted driver!  Driving in snow can be dangerous and should be careful at every turn. To accomplish a drive of this length, long days were needed for Matthew – his longest stretch lasting over 12 hours. Seeing bald eagles, elk, mountain goats, and white fox were just some of the wildlife Matthew came across.

Matthew picked up Victor, a local hitchhiker, and learned a little bit about life and also some thousand year old totem poles. Later, Matthew saw a shooting star – this trip is turning out to be one that will be with him for a while.

In the middle of “nowhere” Canada he got the word that he was hired to be the host of POPSUGAR LIVE on He was clearly excited for his new adventure. You can keep up to date with what Matthew is doing by following @RodriguesMatt on Twitter.

The trip details: Anchorage to Los Angeles – 8 Days, 3,500 Miles.  Thanks Matthew for sharing this awesome trip with us!

Check out some of the great pictures Matt was able to get:


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