Near Cat-astrophe

PORTLAND, Ore.—Thanks to teamwork and quick thinking, U-Haul team members in Portland avoided what could have been a real cat-astrophe.

Tamara Diaz had been hearing cat noises that seemed to be coming from the U-Box container warehouse at Southgate Rental Equipment Repair Shop. Eric Anderson went to search the warehouse and, sure enough, he heard a cat crying out from a U-Box container on the upper level.

Southgate-Cat-RescueAfter some hesitation, Anderson opened up the U-Box container enough to stick his hand inside and was relieved to be greeted by a cat rubbing against his hand and purring loudly. Of course the cat soon let Eric know that it wanted out.

Working together, Diaz and Anderson, along with Lori Yarger and Laurel Harold, were able to rescue the cat.

Through some research they discovered the cat had been trapped in the U-Box container for more than a week. They were able to put together some food and water and soon the cat was looking better and had several new friends.

After the rescue they were able to get in touch with the customer who had rented the U-Box container. He was happy to know that his cat had been found, exclaiming, “Oh great! You found my crazy cat.” The customer came down to the shop and was reunited with his furry friend.

A happy ending thanks to these cat-loving U-Haul team members!

We strongly encourage you to keep an eye on your pets while you move as this could have been much more serious. Please look at some of these tips on moving with pets or these other articles on pets and moving day. Take care of your furry friends!

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