#Uhaul #TBT – Do you have an old U-Haul moving photo?

For those that spend any amount of time on social media has probably seen, participated, or are aware of what a #TBT is. For those that have not, a #TBT  or “ThrowBack Thursday” is usually an older (throwback) photo that references the past. It can be from last year or from 30 years ago, there is no set time frame for a #TBT use. These are often used to reminisce about the past and how things once were. There are other days of the week that people use this idea such as Flashback Friday or they just still use #TBT regardless what day of the week it is. #TBT has become synonymous with any photo that is from ones past that shows how or what something was like.

Now that everyone is on the same page with #TBT. What stories can be told with these photos? What about old U-Haul photos? Everyone has a U-Haul story (Well, almost everyone). Many people since their first move in college have been using U-Haul trucks or trailers. With U-Haul in business for 70 years, the stories and photos that have been in and around a U-Haul are abundant.

My U-Haul Story would like to feature the best #Uhaul #TBT photos. Do you have a U-Haul story or #TBT photo you would like to see here? Send your photos and accompanying info to stories@uhaul.com

Here is a couple great #TBT photos:

#TBT Phil Schnee taking trailer back to shop

Phil Schnee will be celebrating 59 years with U-Haul this year and sent in this great photo from 1956. Phil was a painter back then and in the picture you can see that he was bringing a 6×8 FV trailer from the paint shop at the Van Nuys Shop in California. He is currently at U-Haul Company of Idaho as a Fleet Truck Sales Manager.

#TBT Kid in TrailerHere is an adventurous little girl enjoying a U-Haul Trailer.

Send in your #TBT photos to Stories@uhaul.com

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