Made in America – Dollies

U-Haul is the epitome of “Made in America”. When the Shoens launched U-Haul in the summer of 1945, they had a vision that moving could be done all by yourself. To do this you need your own equipment such as dollies, trailers and hitches.  U-Haul has made sure that everything from their trailers to their dollies are American-manufactured. This all started when the first trailers were bought from American welding shops or second hand from a private owner. Dollies are no exception!

The process begins in Tempe, Arizona where all the materials are first tested at the Technical Center. Then once all research, experimentation and design is completed, making of the dollies begins. Pretty soon they are transformed from pieces of metal to a masterpiece in that famous orange, ready for all the DIY movers! The dollies are then distributed to wherever they are needed around the country.

The end product is a utility dolly with non-mar tires and easy-to-use handle that can hold up to 500 pounds!

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