Cheeseburger In Paradise

Burger Car Outside SOMERVILLE, Mass.—You’re getting very hungry, aren’t you? Check out this car and try not to crave a cheeseburger. It’s further proof that U-Haul can and will put a hitch on just about anything.

Hungry for attention, a burger joint in Somerville came up with the Burger Car for catering and promotional events. (Lettuce see how many bad jokes we can make.) They were in a pickle—they needed to be able to tow a grill behind the Burger Car. Luckily for them, U-Haul Moving and Storage of Medford offers drive-thru service, or close to it.

When owner Brad Dalbeck and the car pulled onto the center’s lot, he caught the Medford Team off guard at first.

“He walked inside, held out his keys and said, ‘Here are the keys to the cheeseburger outside,’” laughed Jerry Ouellette, 837-078 general manager. “The crew had no idea what he was talking about until they looked outside and saw the cheeseburger car parked out front.”

Burger Car Hitch RampLike all U-Haul customers, Dalbeck was happy with a job well done.

But we still have some questions about the Burger Car. Does it run on old French-fry grease, or maybe ketchup? Does Dalbeck need a driver’s license to drive it, or just a food handler’s card? And how fast can that food go?

OK, no more cheesy jokes. Hold the tomatoes … please don’t throw them at us.

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