A Moving Day Proposal

How do you propose to the woman who’s been by your side for the past seven years? It has to be special and she can’t see it coming.

Thomas and Lucy met at the University of Georgia as freshmen eight years ago. Shortly after graduating from UGA in 2011, Thomas was offered a microfinance job working in Bangalore, India. As difficult as it was to see him go, Lucy and Thomas knew they would make long distance work, so they packed up his things and Thomas left the country.

This was just one of the many times (He estimates around 20!) Lucy had helped him move on to a new adventure. Which is why when Thomas returned to the US to continue his education, he knew his proposal would involve their most memorable moving day yet.

On March 14, 2015, they began one more uneventful move to add to the list of many they have teamed up for in the past. Or so Lucy thought. As they were busy packing the U-Haul truck with all of Thomas’ belongings, his three younger brothers were waiting across the street with an identical truck full of flowers.

When they finished loading the moving truck, Thomas and Lucy individually drove to a storage center. Lucy got in her car and Thomas got in the moving truck. As soon as she was out of sight Thomas met up with his brothers and they switched trucks. He was driving to the storage center with a truck full of flowers.

_Proposal 1As Thomas pulled up to the storage center, he was met by a very focused Lucy. She was ready to unload this truck and get going with the rest of her day. Perhaps this is why when he opened the truck to reveal the flowers and a board asking her to grow old with him, Lucy struggled to understand what was happening. That is, until she looked at Thomas who was down on one knee.

So what did she then? She said, “Do we still have to move everything?” Well, yes, but now with the help of the Thomas’ younger brothers.

The day of surprises continued as the pair met up with their families at a surprise dinner to share the excited news. It was a day Lucy never saw coming and it all started with a moving adventure.

And now, this story is one more surprise for Lucy. Thank you to Thomas for sharing your story with us at U-Haul. We wish you a long and beautiful life together.

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