Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, ReBOX!

Boxes are a necessary part of the do-it-yourself moving and storage experience and at U-Haul we aim to provide the best in the industry. After all, boxes are what protect all of your prized possessions during moving or storing. We purposefully build boxes that are sturdy, durable and long lasting. Building durable boxes means U-Haul boxes may be used again and again before reaching the end of their life cycle. In order to keep our boxes in use and out of landfills we have developed a variety of box re-use programs.

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100% Buyback Guarantee

With the 100% buyback guarantee you can feel comfortable buying plenty of boxes to ensure that you have all that you need on packing day. If you bought more boxes than you need, they can be returned unused with a receipt and you will be refunded for 100% of the purchase price. The 100% buyback guarantee helps eliminate stress, saves you money and keeps boxes and materials from being wasted.



Take a box, Leave a boxTake a box, Leave a box

Customers may pay a visit to any U-Haul Center or independent U-Haul Dealers and find the well-used  “Take a Box, Leave a Box” cardboard kiosk. As the name suggests, you can pick up free boxes left by other patrons or leave used boxes for other customers to re-use. This program is absolutely free and designed to reduce your moving expenses while also promoting reuse of our durable boxes. Nearly 1 million boxes are reused from these displays every year!



Customer Connect-Box SharingU-Haul Box Exchange

The U-Haul Box Exchange is a web platform designed to connect our customers in a market where they can buy, sell or trade used boxes. The U-Haul Box Exchange allows customers to sell or trade their boxes to other individuals after they no longer have need while also reducing moving costs for other customers. When a community utilizes a box until the end of its life cycle, resources are spared from new box production and box waste is reduced.



We hope that you have the opportunity to take advantage of one of the many box reduction and reuse programs. Once a box can no longer be reused it is also 100% recyclable.

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