When U-Haul and Art Collide

Here at U-Haul, we want every customer to get the most out of their U-Haul truck and we’re always inspired by people who go above and beyond our expectations. Although they are advertised as moving trucks, it has become clear that with a little creativity U-Haul trucks can be utilized for so much more. From a new, interactive way to display student projects to a well-established pop-up art show, people all over the country are finding unique ways to use U-Haul trucks.

Cluster Truck


Pittsburgh–“Cluster Truck” was an outdoor art show that displayed works by students at Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Art. As part of a class assignment, eight undergraduate students were each given a U-Haul truck to use as a personal gallery to show whatever they wanted.

The U-Haul trucks showcased each student’s unique projects, which ranged from sculptural installations to performance pieces. Some artists asked for the audience to interact with their trucks, while others offered a more traditional gallery viewing experience. In the end, the U-Haul truck art show was a hit with students and staff alike.

Mobile Gallery

DJ15-19-truck-art-mobileAtlanta–After a comical suggestion from a friend, photographer Kevin Dowling realized the potential in using a U-Haul truck as a mobile art gallery. While finding and affording gallery space is typically a difficult and expensive venture, all Dowling had to do was rent a U-Haul truck and get permission to park it somewhere.

“It made sense financially and allowed me to put the gallery wherever I wanted in the city,” Dowling explained. The move paid off, as he successfully sold his entire collection for $20,000! Now, he’s eager to try his mobile art gallery in other cities.

Pop-Up Truck Show

FM15-13 Guerrilla Truck  Show gallery setupChicago–This summer marked the 10th year of the annual “Guerrilla Truck Show” held during Neocon, North America’s largest design exposition and trade fair. The truck show is hosted by designer Morlen Sinoway Atelier, who created the event as a platform for all types of artists and designers to showcase their work in a temporary gallery space within the back of a truck.

Held in a pop-up caravan of U-Haul trucks-turned-showrooms, the annual street show showcases art, furniture and a variety of locally made products. Over the years, the event has blossomed from six trucks in its first year to “over the limit” at 62 trucks exhibiting work this year.

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