U-Haul Chairman Made His Phone Number Public

Just how committed is U-Haul Chairman Joe Shoen to U-Haul’s customers? Enough to give out his personal cell phone number for customers to call and speak directly to him.

Joe Shoen stands by his decision because it gives him the opportunity to hear from the public what he “need(s) to do to earn their business.”

In the video below, Joe Shoen talks further about his experiences following the decision.

Although the constant ringing of his phone can be disruptive both in his professional and personal life, Joe Shoen understands that communicating directly with U-Haul customers is very important.

“I want them to hold me to a higher regard. If I will be responsive to them then they’re going to go and part with some of their hard-earned money to try and do business with me.”

Unlike what most might think, not all callers are reaching out to Joe to complain. There are instances when people reach out for more positive reasons.

“I had a guy call me Sunday and he said ‘Sorry to bother you. I know you’re busy.’ I said well how can I help you. And he named a person and said ‘That person deserves a raise.'”

Joe understands that having this relationship with U-Haul customers is proactive for business and allows him to stay in touch with their needs.

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