Bob Hurley: Bag Toss Expert

bag tossOnce simply an enthusiast enjoying the game of bag toss with his family, Bob Hurley is now making them himself… out of U-Haul scrap materials!

Getting Started

Working with U-Haul for 37 years now, Bob currently works at a manufacturing plant in Long Beach, California, where the sunny weather makes bag toss a perfect recreational past time. What first got him hooked on the game however was the culture of a different location.

“About 2 years ago I took a vacation back to Ohio to visit family back there, while I was there I started playing corn hole. It’s like a national past time in the midwest. When I came back to California I decided to build a set for myself.”

Transforming Trucks into Bag Toss

Using the scrap materials from his manufacturing plant, Bob came up with an innovative way to recycle and give his team a way to relax. “I made a set of boards for the shop and the guys just love them,” Bob says.

The white portions of the bag toss boards are made from the wooden panels on the inside of U-Haul moving trucks. The orange sides are comprised of pieces of rub rail materials on the back in the back of trucks. Bob explains, “When we get material in and it is damaged and can’t be used on the truck, the vendor will warranty it and send us replacements.” Rather than just tossing that material out, Bob is finding a new use for it. The bean bags he pairs with the bag toss boards are hand made as well, but not using leftover moving supplies. Filling them with dried corn and sewing them up, he has the perfect tossing companion.

With U-Haul’s famous Sammy U plastered on the front, Bob Hurley has surely created something special through his innovation recycling project.

Want a bag toss set of your own? Stay tuned! We will be giving away one of Bob Hurley’s creations next month!

What to make your own bag toss? Before you dive into truck scraps, try cardboard!

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