Fiesta Para Las Mamas con U-Haul

Fiesta Para Las Mamas

U-Haul is celebrating 70 years of service this year and nearly 48 years headquartered in Phoenix. Over the years we have developed relationships with many national and local charities. We partner with organizations that directly serve the most basic of human needs – food, clothing and shelter.  Organizations that live out their mission in a very real way.

Fiesta Para Las MamasMaggie’s Place is at the top of that list. U-Haul had the honor of being the title sponsor for the 14th Annual Miracle of Motherhood Fiesta Para Las Mamas. The event was complete with the inaugural Fiat Award presented to Lin Sue Cooney, mariachi band, prize wheel, photobooth, dinner by Serrano’s, and much more!

Maggie’s Place is a community that provides houses of hospitality for expectant women who wish to achieve their goals in a dignified and welcoming atmosphere. They Fiesta Para Las Mamassupport the most vulnerable population in our community. And they do a tremendous job. Since 2005, U-Haul and our team members have donated over 1,000 hours serving at the multiple Maggie’s Place homes throughout the valley, working on anything from landscaping projects, to indoor cleaning, painting and other tasks to make these homes beautiful for these mothers in need.

U-Haul team members have also joined efforts in volunteering at the annual Race for Maggie’s Place Run held in October. Very recently U-Haul proudly presented Maggie’s Place with their very own truck imaged with the beautiful babies of Maggie’s Place. With the help of generous supporters, these infants and their mothers are able to have the stable and nurturing home environment that every mother and child deserves.

It was a wonderful evening shared with Maggie’s Place staff, alum moms, sponsors and supporters.



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