Telecommuting Jobs and U-Haul

As a family owned and operated business for 70 years, U-Haul takes great pride in keeping employee’s families a priority. There are several jobs offered at U-Haul that empower employees to work from home. These jobs provide flexibility and the ability to work from anywhere in North America.  Telecommuting jobs are on the rise for many reasons.  The lack of commute, ability to stay focused with less distractions, flexibility in schedules and the CallCenter_01ability to save money or wear and tear on your vehicle are all reasons studies have proven that people that work from home are happier.  Many people still enjoy the connection with people and the structure of an office environment, but it is great that more and more companies are offering options.

Recently, Business 2 Community wrote an article on the top 10 states for telecommuting jobs in the United States.   The states with the most opportunities for telecommuting jobs are California, Texas, New York, Florida, Illinois, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Georgia, New Jersey and Arizona.  U-Haul was mentioned as one of the top companies hiring for telecommuting jobs in the state of Arizona.  According to the Society for Human Resources Management the below tips are great for becoming a successful telecommuter.

Traits For Becoming a Successful Telecommuter

  1. Great Communicator: Must be able to communicate using multiple channels such as email, webex, conference calls and cell phone.
  2. Self Starter: Must be able to work well with limited supervision and a drive to do well at their job.
  3. Flexible: Must enjoy a flexible schedule with varying hours, but also understanding when things change quickly.
  4. Understanding of Their Job: Must understand what they will be doing as they work at home alone.
  5. Ability to Work without Other People: Must have a low need for social interaction.
  6. Trustworthy: Must be dependable and trustworthy as the company is trusting them to be committed and work hard.
  7. Excellent Performance Record: Must meet deadlines and achieve the appropriate output of work.
  8. Organized: Must have space for a work area at home and the organization skills to keep all jobs and materials organized.

At the end of the day, with power comes great responsibility.  If you enjoy the idea of working from home and fit these traits check out work-at-home jobs at U-Haul!

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