Moving Trucks on Rooftops

What’s the oddest way you’ve ever seen a U-Haul moving truck used? Maybe you’ve seen it transformed into a food truck or used as part of a proposal. However, have you ever seen a flying moving truck? Well U-Haul doesn’t have any of those, but have managed to get moving trucks on rooftops and poles. U-Haul uses the trucks and trailers as advertisements for U-Haul centers.

Sometimes you need to go above and beyond to get noticed and that’s exactly what U-Haul did years ago when it decided to put trucks on location’s roofs or poles. The goal here was simple: Get noticed! This was a marketing idea that you can still see at some U-Haul locations. Check out these trucks and the unlikely heights they reached. A lot of these are vintage photos from when the marketing strategy was seen more often.

Have you seen any of these at a U-Haul location? Tell us where in the comments!

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