U-Haul Trucks are Built with Conscious Effort

When individuals or families are planning a move, they want to find the equipment that best fits their needs at the lowest possible cost. Regardless of which truck is used, U-Haul customers can rest easy knowing the U-Haul truck received was built with a conscious effort to reduce out-of-pocket costs as well as environmental costs. Some added features, many exclusive to U-Haul, include:Drive Green Trucks

  • Low profile and low deck, rounded corners and advanced chassis skirts reduce wind drag and improve fuel economy up to 20%
  • Fuel Economy Gauges provide real-time feedback to drivers to help optimize fuel consumption
  • U-Haul trucks are painted with a 3-Wet Paint technology allowing three layers of wet paint to be applied one on top of another and baked once, eliminating two paint overs and resulting in a smaller, more energy-efficient paint shop
  • U-Haul rental trucks use cheaper, cleaner and more convenient unleaded fuel
  • U-Haul uses naturally occurring microbes to convert oil and other petroleum product residue into harmless carbon dioxide and water.
  • U-Haul washes trucks with a pH neutral cleaner specially designed to be effective, yet free of acids, alkalies and sodium.
  • Properly inflated radial tires and specially engineered Gentle-Ride Suspension ensure a smooth ride
  • U-Haul trucks have more safety features than any other rental trucks in the industry
This is a publication of U-Haul Corporate Sustainability




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