U-Haul Dedicates Valuable Storage Space to Invaluable Reuse Space

Doing the Right Thing

Why would U-Haul dedicate valuable space in a storage center for customers to leave unwanted household items behind? The answer is simple; it’s the right thing to do. U-Haul has a long history of doing what’s right to give customers and the environment a better break. Storage Re-Use Centers are perfect examples of this ongoing consideration.  When customers move into or vacate a storage unit it is common to re-evaluate every item going in and out. Whether it is due to space constraints or simply a change-of-heart, some items don’t make the cut. In the past, many of those rejected items found their way into dumpsters behind the U-Haul building, and eventually into landfills. U-Haul recognized a need to reduce that waste and developed Storage Re-Use Centers as a sustainable solution.

Re-Use CenterRedistribution

Storage Re-Use Centers were developed to provide a redistribution network for gently used household goods and materials formerly destined for landfills. Sofas, chairs, microwaves, wall decor, coffee makers, baby toys, you name it – anything left behind in a re-use area is available for someone else to take and reuse. It’s a much preferred alternative to tossing those items in the trash. Landfill waste is reduced, transportation to the landfill is reduced saving fuel and emissions, and fewer materials and resources are needed to produce new items in their place.

Positive Impact

Based on several surveys of U-Haul customers and stores, it is estimated that more than 135,000 household goods are redistributed through more than 750 Re-Use Centers every year, diverting more than 500,000 pounds of waste from landfills! In addition to the environmental benefits, each time an item is placed in a Re-Use center, it is eventually given new life in a new home by someone who needs or wants that item. It’s a win-win!

So the next time you are moving in or out of storage and you decide you don’t want that lamp or chair, don’t throw it away. Place it in the Storage Re-Use area and give it a second chance for a new beginning in someone else’s home. You will be doing that person and the environment a favor! Learn more about our reuse efforts at http://www.uhaul.com/About/Sustainability.aspx


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