#UHaulFamous Photos from Sacramento

U-Haul recently released the 2014 Migration Trends Report and Sacramento enters the list at #10. Here are some #uhaulfamous photos that have been sent in from the City of Sacramento. More than the photos our customers shared a little bit of a story behind the images as well:

 #UHaulFamous Photos from Sacramento 02

We moved my mom to a safer place of her own. She loves her new place and the fact that we were able to move all of her stuff in one shot. It was the first time I was able to boss my older brothers around on how to move and where to move the furniture now that we are adults. It was made easier by U-Haul and we are thankful for the opportunity to share this experience.

~Christina Kishiyama

 #UHaulFamous Photo from Sacramento 2

I moved from Southern California to Sacramento in late May with the help of U-Haul and my father. We towed my car behind the truck which was an adventure in its own right, but with the patient U-Haul staff and a bit of MacGyver-ing we were able to figure it out. Admittedly I slept a couple early morning hours of the trip, during which time my dad perfected his social media skills by posting embarrassing pictures of me — so glad I introduced him to Facebook (don’t post and drive!).Loading and unloading the van was equal parts a bonding and frustrating father-daughter experience but the end result was that the two of us, my stuff, and my car all made it up to Sacramento battered but not broken and dropped off the truck and hitch with a day to spare.Top travel necessities: caffeine, sense of humor, good Tetris skills and upper-body strength (for packing the truck), a love for AM radio, and patience.

~Jessica Boudevin

#UHaulFamous Photos from Sacramento 02

Austin and I had been dating for a few months while living in Sacramento. Last April, he accepted a new job as an athletics coach at UC Berkeley and moved from Sacramento to Berkeley, while I stayed in our apartment. We spent the spring and summer dating long distance, before we couldn’t take it anymore! In the fall, I applied for and was offered a job in communications at UC Berkeley. So come November, Austin and I rented a UHaul, packed up the apartment, took our cat Cammie, and moved to Berkeley. Thanks to UHaul for helping Austin and me merge our lives back together – cheers for no more long distance!

~Tracy Tierney

A picture can truly tell a wonderful story. For these #UHaulFamous photos from Sacramento they are stories of families bonding around the moving experience and couples reuniting after spending time apart. For more info on #Uhaulfamous and to get your moving day photo on the side of a truck visit uhaulfamous.com

Watch out for more #UHaulFamous photos when we feature City #9 here on My U-Haul Story!
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