Girl Scouts Get Creative with U-Haul Boxes

painting U-Haul boxFor some people, spring is a time when they get to partake in on of their favorite activities. No, not filing taxes… buying and eating Girl Scout cookies!

During February and March, Girl Scout troops set up cookie booths in front of stores and businesses all over the place. That’s why when Daisy Troop 3373 was getting ready to sell their cookies, they knew they wanted to do a little something extra to help draw attention to their booths.

Once they came up with an idea that they knew would do just that, they chose to use U-Haul products to make it come to life. The girls’ parents bought several U-Haul Wardrobe Boxes and the girls painted them to look like giant, girl-size boxes of Girl Scout cookies.

Fun fact: According to the CEO of Girl Scouts USA, every year nearly 1.5 million Girl Scouts sell about 200 million boxes of cookies—close to $800 million worth. (Source)

girl-size box of Girl Scout cookiesThe giant cookie boxes have garnered a lot of attention for the girls’ booths and they’ve received a lot of compliments as well.

“It really helped bring people to our booth and it was an awesome experience making something together as a group,” shared Audra Ross, a troop mother.

We love when customers incorporate our products in their wonderful, creative ideas! Especially when they involve giant versions of a national favorite such as Girl Scouts cookies. All we need now is a giant glass of milk.

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