A Microscopic Villain is Taking Over in Kamloops, BC

DPhoto credit: pricetags.wordpress.comestruction of Forests Really Bugs Me

How does a microscopic (5mm-long) mountain pine beetle destroy an entire forest?  As the ‘cute Beatles’ would sing, he has a little help from his friends.  Sadly, the not-so-cute mountain pine beetle population is beyond control and more than 40 million acres (16.3 million hectares) of trees have already been destroyed in British Columbia alone (www.for.gov.bc.ca).  If you enjoy the beauty of a forest, if you enjoy the fresh air trees provide, if you consider forest habitats important to a sustainable ecosystem, then welcome to the growing number of people who consider the mountain pine beetle more than a nuisance, but a true villain.  Who can help defeat this villain?

Photo credit: gov.bc.caU-Haul Customers to the Rescue!

In partnership with Tree Canada, more than 16,000 U-Haul customers in British Columbia have contributed to plant trees in areas of need.  At this time, 20,000 trees are being planted in Kamloops, BC, with the TK’emlups te Secwepemc First Nation.  This projects helps restore an area affected by mountain pine beetle and wildfire, creating a healthier, more-sustainable future for the environment as a whole and the people of this community.

But Wait, There’s More!

The U-Haul partnership with Tree Canada continues to benefit a variety of regions in Canada. You can check out ways to defeat this microscopic villain at https://treecanada.ca/en/programs/operation-releaf/alberta-mountain-pine-beetle-releaf/   Even if you’re not in the process of moving with a U-Haul rental at this time, you can still contribute online (where it states: “To donate, click here”) to either tree-planting partnership:  The Conservation Go Zero program to plant trees in the United States, or Tree Canada to plant trees throughout all Canadian provinces. U-Haul’s Tree Planting Partnerships. On behalf of all people who are ‘bugged’ by destruction of forests, THANK YOU for contributing to protect our environment!

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