#UhaulFamous Photos from Houston

This year’s Migration Trends Report is out and at No. 1, we have Houston, Texas. As one of the nation’s fastest growing cities, Houston provides it residents with an abundance of job opportunities and a dining and culture scene that rivals the likes of some larger cities. We asked our movers to share with us their moving experience. Check out their moving stories through #UhaulFamous photos below:


“The photo I posted is us in New Mexico while on tour. We’re the first nationally recognized wounded warrior band ” VETTED “. Uhaul has been supporting our mission for 6 years, to help our warriors all over the nation. Our band travels the US to perform on various military bases, and visits wounded warrior facilities. We discuss suicide prevention, transitioning, and veterans homelessness. We couldn’t do what we do without the support of Uhaul. To date, we’ve put over 75k miles on Uhaul’s trailers with no mechanical issues and one blown tire. Their customer service should be the standard, and they know how to meet the customers needs. The one thing I can say, their support for our veterans, and wounded warriors is a true testament to the American spirit. Its what me and the rest of my fellow warriors fought for. God bless the USA.” -Paul Delacerda of


“My nephew, Cory,  had worked the night shift at the hospital, and then helped me, my dad, my brother and cousin move my aunt (his great-aunt) out of her house in Galveston, which had been damaged by Hurricane Ike, and was being repaired. We finished moving everything to storage and took the truck back that evening. Cory was still laughing and joking, even though he was tired and had to go to work later that night. The thing around his head is a “Duck Dynasty” tie, that we found in my aunts things, with the tags still on it.” -Marguerite Lemons

For more info on #Uhaulfamous and to get your moving day photo on the side of a truck visit uhaulfamous.com.

Watch out for more of these stories behind our #UHaulFamous photos when we feature City #8 here in My U-Haul Story!

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