What does Memorial Day Mean to U?

On Monday people all over the United States are likely to be enjoying a day off from the world and spending time with their friends or family. But what does Memorial Day really mean? Historically, Memorial Day is a federal holiday originally known as, “Decoration Day”, commemorating Union and Confederate soldiers after the Civil War, but eventually extended to honor anyone who lost their life while serving in the military. We now celebrate it the last Monday of May each year honoring those who have died in the armed forces

memorial dayOne way the  U-Haul  team honors those who’ve lost their lives serving is through our sponsorship of the Annual Memorial Day Parade. As a company founded by veterans, U-Haul does everything it can to honor our military through its various events, this one being one of the most special.

In asking members of our team what Memorial Day meant to them, people didn’t have to have any military friends or family to feel that this day is meant not only to honor those who have passed defending our country, but also to celebrate the people who we are blessed to have with us because someone out there is protecting them.

“Memorial day to me is a time of remembrance and a time to be grateful. This past year, I lost a very close family friend who served as a U.S. Marine. This Memorial Day will mean more to me than those past as I reflect on the times my family and I spent with him and the honor he deserves for having served to defend our country.” – Paige Eagles

“Being involved in the National Memorial Day Parade was a great experience. It was great to see the support from our U-Haul Team members and to support our fallen heroes,” Kirsch explained. “Also, seeing the support for U-Haul from the crowd made me feel grateful to work for a Company that values our military as much as U-Haul does.” – Amanda Kirsch MCP Co. 818

“In March my husband’s grandfather passed away and he was given a Military funeral and was buried at Riverside Memorial Cemetery in Riverside, CA, which if for Veterans. We are planning on visiting his grave on Memorial Day to honor him.”  – Mahriah Schmidt

“I’m grateful for the men and women who put their lives on the line everyday to protect the rights we sometimes take for granted. For this reason, it’s important that we take the time to remember those who have died. We should always be grateful to them and, on this day in particular, honor their lives and remember how much of our happiness we owe them.” – Jennifer Borbon

2014 DC Memorial Day Parade 56“I am lucky enough to never have had a friend or family member die in service to our country. However I do have many friends who did serve in the armed forces and were deployed many times over the last decade. I was so happy to hear every time that they returned safely from over seas. I know that every member of the armed forces deserves that same level of gratefulness for their willingness to put themselves at risk to serve and protect their country, so today, I would just like to say thank you.” –David McMeekin

“The Memorial Day Parade is a great opportunity to remember and honor our fallen heroes, and support our community at the same time, the team here always is proud to be the face of U-Haul in our nation’s capital, serving veterans and civilian customers alike” Pat Goodwin MCP Co. 819

“Memorial Day meaning to me is a day to reflect on individuals who have made the ultimate sacrifice to serve this great nation & country! A day to reflect on the lives lost during the time they served. To each whom we lost in the armed forces, we thank you and today, we honor you.” – Alison Antone

Memorial Day 2014 010
Ashleigh placing bouquets of flowers on The Vietnam Veterans Memorial

“Last year I had the honor of placing bouquets of flowers on The Vietnam Veterans Memorial and others across the National Mall. It was an amazing experience that I’ll always remember. This will be my seventh year saluting our fallen heroes and the familes they left behind during the National Memorial Day Parade. I have always been grateful for this opportunity and feel fortunate to work for a company that supports our military (both past and present) so much. I really can’t think of a better way to spend Memorial Day, and I am honored once again to have this opportunity.” – Ashleigh Wagner

“I personally do not know anyone who has passed away in the military, however much of my extended family and most of my closest friends are military Veterans and each year at various times I see the pain in their eyes when it nears the anniversary of one of their friend’s deaths. Memorial Day for me is a time to honor those who have passed and cherish those who are still alive because you never know what the future has in store. All of us here at U-Haul are so thankful to all the veterans out there for everything.” – Emily Schilling

Do you have a special Memorial Day story to share? Have you visited the U-Haul Memorial Day Parade in Washington, D.C.? Share your stories in the comments below!

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