#UhaulFamous Photos from Vancouver

Also known as Hollywood North, The Rainy City, or Terminal City, Vancouver is an amazing seaport city, truly like no others. We asked our movers to share with us their moving experience. Check out their moving stories through #UhaulFamous photos below:


Look at that form! A woman who can not only hold a perject handstand but knows how to tow a trailer? Jackie definitely has her life together.


“It’s Moving Day!! We are headed to Vancouver! Can’t wait to be close to the ocean, trails, and Stanley Park. We found the perfect place, I can hardly wait to settle in! #movingday #abbotsfordbc #britishcolumbia #vancouver #vancity #soexcited #uhaul #goingtobeagreatsummer #goldensofinstagram #dogsofinstagram #welltraveleddog #UHaulFamous” – Sarah Beades


Your cat doesn’t look too thrilled about the move, but I bet he was happy once you guys arrived in Vancouver. Thanks for the #Uhaulfamous submission @xoaloove!


Maarten has a solid blue steel going on. Mover? More like model. One more reason to go visit Vancouver.


“Packing up the uhaul <3 @gummz” – @mgilroy23

I have to say, I don’t see much packing going on there but you girls look like your move was a blast!

Watch out for more of these stories behind our #UHaulFamous photos when we feature City #1 here in My U-Haul Story!

For more info on #Uhaulfamous and to get your moving day photo on the side of a truck visit uhaulfamous.com


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