Experiences From First Time Home Buyers

U-Haul team members are not only moving experts, but also have their share of home buying experience. Recently, they were asked to share their a bit of information on what their first home buying experience was like.

Team member Ken Schneider said his experience wasn’t always perfect, but it was exciting.

“My first time buying experience was part stressful, part exciting, and part ignorance. There is a lot of moving parts from getting a pre-approval to picking out the new paint colors. We had some credit things to address before we could get approved and had to wait some time before we could move forward. It was hard not looking for houses until we knew we had the approval. Once that happened the rest was exciting; looking at houses, then finding one and picking out the colors of the walls. The amount of things you sign when you get the keys is a ton and no one really can prepare you for it till you actually go through it.”First Time Home Buyers

Keep careful track of all paperwork

Between the bank home loan and your realtor, you will receive a lot of important paperwork. It’s important you keep it all labeled and in the same place for easy reference.

Team member Zofia Sells had this to say:

“Set yourself up for success by creating a folder with all your home documents ready at your disposal. Keep a file on your computer with all correspondence and documents so they are easily available.”

Negotiate closing costs

Closing costs usually include all the fees and commissions associated with the sale and purchase of a home. You can need to be aware who will cover these fees. Depending on negotiations this can fall either on you or the seller.

Team member David McMeekin recommends the following:

“During the purchasing process you may be able to negotiate that the seller covers the closing costs. You should ask your real estate agent what the closing costs will typically be in your city at your price range.”

What can you share about your experience as a  first time home buyer? Share in the comments below.

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