The Story Behind Spoot Trailers

Few people know where they came from or how they came to be. We do know, there are three of them. The Spoots are a rare sighting. Herman Spoot, Herman Spoot Jr. and Herman Spoot III are three U-Haul trailers that roam the U.S. and Canada. They seem to show up randomly then disappear for extended periods at a time.

The first Spoot “retired” in 1975 and Spoot III was last spotted roaming Canada years ago. Spoot Jr. is still in the U-Haul fleet, waiting for his next moving adventure. The Spoots have seen a lot in their lifetime. They’ve been everywhere from northern British Columbia to the sunny skies of Florida.

 The trailers themselves are a vintage prize and sport the name Spoot on their sides. Those who are lucky enough to see these trailers are usually catching them in mid-adventure since the Spoot trailers are known for taking their journey through the most exhilarating places. Herman Spoot Jr. was once spotted in the northern terrain of British Columbia under the Aurora Borealis. We hear he was escaping the summer heat in the U.S. and wanted to relax beneath the Northern Lights.

It’s a source of pride to have Spoot come onto your lot, a sort of U-Haul celebrity. The U-haul crew washes him, shines him up real good and rents him out again. It’s been a while since anyone has spotted the Spoot family. Spoot Jr. is said to still be making his rounds traveling North America and living the life of a free trailer. Just like his father, Spoot Jr. is a free spirit and enjoys his nomadic lifestyle. His adventurous lifestyle is one that is envied by all other members of the fleet and his wisdom is matched by none. Wherever they are, the Spoots will always be known as the rare, adventurous trailers that roam the U.S. and Canada.

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