Songs U-Haul is Mentioned In

When people hear the word “U-Haul,” they most likely already think moving truck. That’s what happens when a company has been around for 70 years. The company is a part of American history and its influence can be found in many places. One of those places is the music industry. Over the years, artists have thought about U-Haul in times of happiness and in times of heartbreak. When these music artists were crafting their art and coming up with songs, they expressed their emotions using U-Haul. Here are some examples below:

Beauty and the Beat Boots – A parody by Todrick Hall (U-Haul mention @ 3:43)

I Gotta Get Over You Again – Willie Nelson (U-Haul mention @ 1:12)

Where Were You – Drake (U-Haul mention @ 3:01)

U-Haul – Angie Stone ft. Missy Elliot

Touch the Sky – Kanye West (U-Haul mention @ :49)

4 Minutes – Avant  (U-Haul mention @ 1:47)

From hip hop to country to folk, artists from all genres have used U-Haul in their songs. The folk song below, “U-Haul Trailer”, first aired on Canadian radio stations in 1971. When asked why he wrote the song, Cal Cavendish said, U-Haul trailers represent the freedom a man has to look for, and they represent going on to something better in our society. In the spirit of moving on to a better life, Cavendish came up with this 70s hit.

Top feature image provided from Flickr: joeshlabotnik / Via Creative Commons

What is your favorite song that mentions U-Haul? Let us know of songs we missed in the comment section below. 

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