“Will U Haul Me to Prom with You?”

Sometimes a U-Haul truck is much more than a tool to transport your moving goods, as the class of 2015 proved to us with their incredible promposal stories. This prom season, somehow the idea of using U-Hauls as a tool to ask dates to prom or as a unique twist a prom party bus blew up, and it is the most adorable thing that has ever happened to a moving truck. Check out some of our favorite promposals from some high schoolers who knew that no prom is complete without U-Haul.

  “Amy will U Haul me to Prom with you?”Amy’s date not only surprised her with this incredible U-Haul promposal, but he did it with roses. This one seems like a keeper Amy.
  “Will U-haul to prom”Chandler clearly knows how to make a girl happy — just look at the smile on her face! Trucks, banners,  and sunflowers, what else does anyone really need? We are so glad you agreed to be his date, Morgan.
 prom  “Will U Haul Us to Prom?”“Will U Haul Us to Prom?” — a U-Haul double date! Liana may the the luckiest of our moving truck dates because she got to go to prom with not only an amazing date, who put some obvious effort into that banner, but also share the experience with her best friends.
   “Christiana, will U-Haul with me to prom?”Tyler gets some extra creativity points for this one. Rather than attaching a banner the outside of his truck like the other prom-goers chose to do, he set layered panels inside the truck. But he didn’t stop here, Tyler also decorated the inside with everything from light-up balloons to American flags. How could Christiana possibly say no with all of that?
   “Jordan, Will U-Haul to Prom with Me?”U-Haul may not be a mailing service, but I think that this was the best delivery Jordan could have received. This guy went all out — a delivery uniform, a note pad to sign for the package, both a hand held poster and one hung inside the truck, a bouquet of flowers, and balloons filling the truck? High school students seem to be getting much better at these promposals.

What’s the most innovative use of a moving truck you’ve seen? Did you have an interesting U-Haul prom story? Share with us in the comments below!



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