U-Haul Orange Helps Build Green Space

Orange = Green

Believe it or not, the U-Haul orange you know as a moving business is also in the green space business. Since 2007 U-Haul has partnered with The Conservation Fund to provide our moving customers with an opportunity to support the Fund’s programs at point of sale. 100% of customer contributions and U-Haul matched funds continue to be forwarded to The Conservation Fund to be used toward tree planting, urban park building and green economic development.

Green Space in Atlanta

Green space is land that is partly or completely covered with grass, trees, shrubs, or other vegetation. Green space includes parks and community gardens. Many of us take that green space for granted because parks are abundant within most communities and cities. Unfortunately not everyone has convenient access to parks and gardens. The latest urban park project funded in part by the U-Haul partnership with The Conservation Fund is in Atlanta, Georgia. The Lindsey Street Park site is located in the English Avenue community of northwest Atlanta. Lindsay Street Park will be the first park for the English Avenue neighborhood, an area that to date, has been best known for pollution, flooding and crime. The park, coupled with a restoration and workforce training program, will bring significant environmental, social and economic benefits to the English Avenue community. Bringing green space to urban populations offers long-term community benefits and creates a center for community life, recreation and rejuvenation. They offer safe places to play, impact the economy and provide cleaner air and water.

Working Together

Other partners involved with the Lindsay Street Park build include; Community Improvement Association of English Avenue, Park Pride, Greening Youth Foundation, West Atlanta Watershed Alliance, Atlanta Food and Farm, EcoAction, Historic Westside Gardens and Georgia State University’s Atlanta Mapping and Resource Center.  The Conservation Fund, U-Haul and these other fine partners are working together to create this much-needed green space that the residents in the English Avenue community will enjoy for years to come.  This project and partnership would not be possible without the tremendous support of our customers at U-Haul stores across the U.S.. Not only are our customers making their move a little greener, they are making the nation a little greener, one park at a time. Thank you!

If you would like to learn more about our partnership with The Conservation Fund, please visit uhaul.com. How do you make your move or life a little greener? Tell us in the comments

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