Top-Secret U-Haul Customer

The small city of Watertown, South Dakota, recently received an important visitor, and U-Haul was there to help.

For several years now, the town’s community college, Lake Area Technical Institute, has been recognized as one of the top community colleges in the nation. That status brought the school to the attention of a very special someone: President Barack Obama.

The President offered to come to the school and speak at its graduation ceremony. But unlike your average visitor, when the President comes to town he doesn’t travel light. He brings along a large crew and an even larger load of equipment, a whole cargo plane’s worth in fact.

And who better to help transport all of that equipment than U-Haul? A Secret Service member rented a 15-foot truck from U-Haul Moving and Storage of Sioux Falls, which was used to transport equipment from the C-17 cargo plane that flew into Sioux Falls, to the school in Watertown, some 100 miles away.

“It was an amazing process to witness,” recalled U-Haul Dealer Eric Sheehan, Sheehan Cycle Trailer Sales, who saw the plane’s contents being unloaded into one of our trucks at the airport, and snapped some pictures.

When transporting presidential goods, it’s important to have the best equipment possible, and we appreciate that the Secret Service chose U-Haul!

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