Gold Star Mom Hands Out Memorial Day Cards

American Gold Star Mothers is an organization focused on remembering our fallen heroes. It is composed of mothers who have lost a son or a daughter in the service of our country. American Gold Star Mothers continue to honor their sons and daughters through service — service to veterans and patriotic events.

Kathryn Cross, a Gold Star Mother and artist, has been making cards for veterans since 2009. These beautifully illustrated cards were made in the memory of OSSN Tyler J. Connely, Cross’ son, who was killed in action bravely serving our country. Cross created The Tribute Journey as a way to honor service members past and present through her cards.

Tribute Jouney
U-Haul Team member, Will Wolf and Kathryn Cross pay respects to a passed veteran at St. Alban’s VA.

U-Haul Company has partnered with Kathryn Cross since the beginning of the Tribute Journey to help print and deliver more than 200,000 cards every year to our veterans all over the world. U-Haul Company’s Team members volunteer with Gold Star Mothers in handing out the cards at VA hospitals across the U.S. and Canada as well as being distributed to Navy ships at sea.

Sometimes along The Tribute Journey we are blessed with the honor of paying special homage to those who have so gallantly served us as their spirits embark on a new journey and they join their fellow comrades – like my own son,” Cross stated. “A life remembered never dies”.

Cross currently creates six different cards including cards for Memorial Day, Veterans Day and Valentine’s Day.

Memorial Day Card Memorial Day Card Memorial Day Card

This May, U-Haul Team members had the honor of handing out Memorial Day cards at the National Memorial Day Parade in Washington D.C. As the parade’s pre-entry, U-Haul Team Members marched along side a U-Haul truck showcasing the “United We Stand” SuperGraphic, honoring the victims of 9/11. The cards handed out this year were illustrated by a dear friend of Kathryn’s and a Gold Star Father, John Phelps.

Memorial Day CardsAlong with American Flags, these cards were handed out to parade goers and more specifically, Veterans in the crowd. Many of the veterans who received the cards were very thankful but reminded Team members what the day was truly about – remembering and honoring their fallen brothers and sisters who made the ultimate sacrifice.

U-Haul Company is proud to be partnered with Kathryn in her mission to remember all of our veterans. Myra Byers, president of American Gold Star Mothers, stated, “Thank you so much in your efforts to serve, support, and recognize our veterans. The cards are beautiful and a great way to acknowledge our military.”

U-Haul Company salutes Kathryn’s inspiring work with the veterans community.

For more information on how U-Haul supports charities and organizations throughout the world, please visit our In the Community section.

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